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Why choose us

Hosting Made Simple

Earn up to a 50% to 100% increase in rental income when compared to renting out in the long run.

Apply and schedule a meeting

Please provide us with information about your property, and we will arrange a meeting to present our Homestay management services.
Our consultant will meet you at your property, verify the property and to ensure that you understand the needs, terms and conditions.

Obtain a revenue forecast

Our pricing experts will send you a revenue projection for your property.
To maximise your guest bookings, we create high-quality listings with professional photos with description and copywriting and distribute them across multiple online channels.

Internet marketing

Revenue management through auto-pricing

Business Development Consultation

Automation, Real-Time Repricing, and Pricing Optimization

Copywriting services and professional content writing services

Purchase of inventory for Homestays/facility management

Our own branded Bedroom kits/Wellness kit/Personal grooming kits

Basic Training, including a training manual and Standard Operating Procedures for guest relations, hospitality management, account maintenance, and book keeping